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About Us

A charitable organization focusing on kidney disease prevention, education, research and advocacy

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life of everyone with, at risk of, or affected by kidney disease

Our Mission

The Mission is to prevent kidney diseases through advocacy, ensuring early diagnosis, public education programs, and improve the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease through research and medical training programs and promote kidney donations for transplantation to End-Stage kidney disease patients on dialysis


To improve the quality of life of patients receiving care for chronic kidney disease, renal dialysis, and other kidney diseases.

To be the leading foundation in West Africa on kidney awareness-raising programs that will tackle and help prevent kidney diseases.

About Kidney Savers Foundation

Kidney Savers’ Foundation (KSF) is a charitable, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization focusing on kidney disease prevention, early diagnosis, health education, advocacy, child survival, research, nutrition, charity donations to patients, healthcare training workshops, and donating necessities to kidney disease patients on dialysis or candidates for renal transplantation, advocating for better treatment, equal opportunities in kidney care and improving the lives of everyone with, at risk of or affected by kidney disease.

Established in January 2022, KSF has organized the first kidney walk campaign in Sierra Leone and sensitized more than 200,000 sierra Leoneans including school pupils and teachers on healthy lifestyles and kidney disease prevention. This foundation serves as the only foundation among foundations, that seeks the well-being of kidneys in the country and continent respectively. With kidney diseases posing a massive threat to the public health sector of our world, the foundation seeks to improve the quality of life of those at risk and affected by kidney diseases.

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