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Kidney Health Ambassadors’ Training

As we work in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3, and with the increasing burden of kidney diseases in Sierra Leone and globally, we have embarked on training kidney health ambassadors in Sierra Leone.

We are proud of our first cohort of kidney health ambassadors in Sierra Leone, who are staff (Journalist and presenter) of Radio Fry Fry. The kidney Health ambassadors training was facilitated by clinically trained doctors and clinical officers who are also certified kidney health Coaches.

We considered, training staff of media houses as the first Cohort of kidney health ambassadors in Sierra Leone, because they are every nation’s communication ambassadors to the public and they will influence communities to foster kidney disease prevention and healthy living.

As we aim at training 20,000 kidney health ambassadors by 2040 within West Africa. We seek collaboration, partnership and sponsorship towards this project as health is a priority for all.

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