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Radio and Television Stations in Sierra Leone

Kidney Savers’ Foundation did a national sensitization and awareness raising to more than 100,000 people, on the importance of World Kidney Day 2022, through various radio and television stations in Sierra Leone

School-to-School Sensitization and awareness

School-to-School Sensitization and awareness raising on kidney diseases and healthy living, to more than 5000 school pupils and teachers in commemoration of World Kidney Day 2022

kidney walk campaign in the capital city of Sierra Leone

In commemorating World Kidney Day 2022, we organized a kidney walk campaign in the capital city of Sierra Leone, climaxing the school-to-school kidney health sensitization. The kidney walk campaign was organized by Kidney Savers’ Foundation in partnership with the Sierra Leone Medical Students’ Association (SLEMSA), which turned out to be the first ever in the history of Sierra Leone, aimed to raise awareness of the importance of kidneys to our overall health and reduce the frequency and impact of kidney diseases and its associated health problems in Sierra Leone
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