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Health Education & Awareness Raising

Owing to the realization that most people are not aware about the huge burden of kidney diseases, it huge financial obligations attributed to kidney care, and the risk factors of kidney diseases, most people are now diagnosed with kidney disease with majority presenting at stages 4 and stages 5, for those with chronic kidney diseases.

To solve this issue of lack of knowledge in our African population, we have sensitized more than 200,000 people on kidney disease awareness and prevention through sharing of daily flayers containing kidney health education tips in our social media handles and official forums, organized office-to-office kidney health education workshops, school to school sensitization on kidney disease and it’s prevention, community engagement on kidney disease, radio and television stations engagement on various topics on kidney diseases and it’s prevention, and the launched of kidney health Champion initiative in Sierra Leone.

We seek collaboration, partnership and support towards organizing health education activities and workshops at all levels including, healthcare workers in Sierra Leone and West Africa.

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